Ideal environmentcreative for creative business people.

Realize your own dreams.

Creative. Your New Environment.

The Gasometer Studios can be found in the development area just south of the Gasometers, these are part of the art storage building and offer creative business people and ideal environment to realize ones own dreams.

All of the studios have direct entry as well as direct access to the elevator, the enormous heavy load elevator that can take any load.

The alterations of the studios are wide-open as the walls can be easily moved and all technical requirements can be filled.

Our rental spaces are for creative personalities, who want to take full advantage of the ideas and scope of the partners already present in the building.

We are there to offer our partners a full-service package, so they can concentrate on their core competences. The Gasometer Studios take all your troubles away: heating, electricity, internet, and all maintenance are taken care of by a custodian, the final costs are inclusive.

Facts and figures

The parameters:

  • easily accessible (a 5-minute walk from the underground station U3 Gasometer)
  • quick and convenient connection to the Vienna airport Schwechat over the A4 (10 minutes)
  • Closed off premises
  • Alarmed building
  • Reception area in the building (operating hours 8am to 5pm)
  • Can be used for most anything (restoration, graphic design, model building, small trade)
  • heavy duty elevator including use of the ramp
  • Optional parking on the premises can be rented
  • fast and convenient access to what the partner companies in house have to offer
  • synergy through working with the other companies in the building
  • additional storage space available for rent at any time
  • fast potential for further changes in rental space

Flexible. Amazingly variable.

The Gasometer Studios are adaptable for each and every requirement. Because of the industrial cross hatch grid in the building all personal wishes on the user’s part, in terms of creating the space, can be answered;

Expansion of the space and alterations in terms of space functionality can be taken care of quickly at any time; In terms of partition choice available there are acrylic and glass walls that are lit up in the evening or lightweight drywall walls in which doors of every size imaginable can be put in.

In terms of the interior design of the studios – there are no limits: our partners in the Gasometer studios have every potential. All processing materials and décor within the studio can be adapted easily. Flooring, lighting, sanitary facilities, and kitchens can be adapted and changed at any time.

Gasometer Studios. Contact.

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